I have had a lot of amazing projects this year that I need to catch up on but one of the most exciting ones was being able to do all kinds of different work for a new boutique apparel shop that opened up in Downtown Detroit this holiday called Goodneighbor. The owner/founder is an amazing woman who curates the shop all on her own – many of the products are made by local businesses in Detroit and many of which run by women.

I met Carli when she was working at Shinola and she came to me about making a collection of bandanas of which all the proceeds would go to a local charity called Humble Design. Humble Design is an amazing non-profit that takes donated furniture and furnishes homes for the recently homeless who can’t afford furniture for their new homes. Everything about Carli’s business is people oriented and driven to help those in need to uplift women in the business world.

After working on the bandanas we also made a few shirts and I also got to work on the vinyl for her windows. All of this was a dream come true and I’m excited to keep working with such an amazing business!! Go check out their site at https://shopgoodneighbor.com/