Shinola Digital Design

At Shinola I designed and updated the website daily with a team of developers. I was also in charge of designing all the unique landing pages for launches of new categories and products and refined new customer experiences on the site. I spoke to and collaborated with the leads of all the product categories to come up with the best and most compelling design to feature new product.

I also started at Shinola as the sole Newsletter (email) designer. Working with a content manager and then designing and sending out about 2-3 emails per week. I then was in charge of managing and art directing our junior email designer and collaborate with our content manager on product releases.

Below is a selection of landing pages I designed in the last year or 2.

  • Role Senior Digital Designer
  • Type Web Design
  • URL
  • Email Designs:

The Launch of the Mickey 90th Birthday Collection.
Approvals came from both Shinola and Disney.

The Launch of the Monster Dive Watch Collection.

The Phase 1 Landing Page for the Special Edition Great Americans Series, Statue of Liberty Timepiece Collection. In Phase 2 we swapped out many of the photos and turned the towards a small documentary
on immigrants and their relationship towards the Staue.

The Landing Page for the Launch for the Limited Edition watch, The Lake Erie Monster. Shinola’s first Automatic Watch and first Official Dive Watch. 2017

The Landing Page for Shinola's launch of the Automatic movement in their key product, The Runwell watch.