Shinola Hotel Website Design

I had the pleasure and challenge of designing the site for the new Shinola Hotel. The newest boutique hotel in downtown Detroit, branded by Shinola Detroit owned by Bedrock, inc. This is the largest web design project I’ve had to work on to date. I worked with people from all teams – Bedrock, my superiors at Shinola, and with the development company, HEBS – where this was also the most custom-designed and publicized site they have worked on.

The site needed to be branded similarly to our Shinola ecommerce site (which I worked on everyday) but there were many things about the hospitality industry and site-experience standards that I had to learn and understand to develop the smoothest interactions and best experience for our users. This was such a fun project and despite things never coming out exactly how you imagined them we are all very happy with the results.

Below is one of the the finals mock-ups I gave to the development team before starting to build the site with them. You can see the final site here: